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Everyone says they can do print design, but I have over 10 years experience in print. I am extremely knowledgable with InDesign, Illustrator, and even...(sigh)...Quark.

As a prepress technician I recieved layouts from many of the country's biggest retailers.


What I do ...

What do you need done?

I have done a lot of brochure, stationery, report, and identity design. Logo and prototyping is also no problem.

Contact me and we can discuss your needs.

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A lot of my more recent professional work has been with web design.

I am well versed in HTML and CSS. I prefer to use these tools over Flash because of accessibility issues, though I am quite comfortable using Flash.


How can I help you?

Here are a few samples of the website work I have done.

I am available to do freelance web design and maintenance for you. If you are interested, please contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help you with them.

I also be happy to help you with your web identity, offering social networking and analytical tracking, too.

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Here is a sampling of some of my photographic work.

Most of this is travel photography, but I have done a lot of industrial studio and location photography as well.


I studied photography in college. I shoot both digital and film (large format, medium format, and 35mm).

Besides photo enthusiast and in-house photographer, I instruct classes for Madison College in Digital Photography (as well as 35mm Photography in the past).

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Ah vectors, my favorite projects.

Vectors are small in file size, but big in potential. They are scalable to any size and still retain the original quality.

Vectors are often used in logo design, but with today's popularity of icons and informational graphics, vector skills are very important.

How I do it

Vector work can be very tedious, and can look terrible if done improperly.

I use Adobe Illustrator to do all of my vectors. My extensive experience with Illustrator gives me insight to the best way to use it for a specific project.

I love using gradient mesh, transparency, and isolated use of feathering and blurring to create my pieces.

I can, of corse, give you specific spot colors (Pantones) as desired.

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  • Custom Fixtures
  • Custom Fixtures
  • Custom Fixtures
  • Custom Fixtures
  • Custom Fixtures


I am a Graphic Designer specializing in print and web design in the Madison, WI area.

I have almost 10 year of design and prepress experience working with many of the nation's top retailers. I am well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite especially on the Mac OS.

Along with my graphic design work, I teach Photography, Digital Photography, and Macintosh classes for the Madison Area Technical College.

What I do ...

Math is easy; design is hard.      — Jeffrey Veen

Short cuts and hacks won't cut it with me. My technical skills are my specialty… doing things right.

I would be happy to help you with any of your graphic design needs from creating website to designing a brochure.

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