Graphic Design

I began as a print production specialist at Great Big Pictures. After a few years, I became the in-house graphic designer.

As Great Big Pictures' graphic designer, I created all of the sales material, created, and maintained our website, and designed our tradeshow booth(s).

I also am the marketing manager, maintain our social profile, creating email campaigns, designing and implementing our corporate presentation, and educating and assisting our fleet of sales people.

As one of my graphic design duties, I am also the "Concept Completion" specialist. Concept Completion is what we call it when a client gives us a in-store or window concept (some even have arrived on cocktail napkins) and would like us to create graphics, props, and other collateral items to make their concept reality. Often times, my final designs end up going in all their stores across the country.

While print design is my specialty, I have also done web design. Standard sites, eCommerce, Blogs, and Social Media are some of the sites I have done.